List of Happy Things to do in this Life


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The math behind the monthly payment to a mortgage….All I care is about knowing the amount :-)

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Renting or buying?

I’m a bit baffled about how costly could rent be compare with buying. Of course as a college student it is hard for me to think of buying a house, but I’m already paying more than $600 a month for the place I’m living in currently.

I thought buying was more expensive, but I used a mortgage calculator that I found online to check how much a monthly payment would be for a house of around $120,000, which is plenty of money to get a decent size house in my area. To my surprise the calculator shows that the monthly mortgage payment is about $600!! Really….it is the same as renting. Only we need to consider the down payment, but my parents can help me out with that. It is actually good news, now I want to buy instead of renting


4. Eating¬† “mariscos” (seafood) in Chile in the summer……

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My favorite online math tutor…..without them I would not have passed any of my math classes

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Continuing the list

3. See the sunrise in the desert…

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Unbelievable, there is a math equation even for coffee…

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Continuing the list

2. Have a cup of cappuccino at La Colombe (NYC)

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List of Happy things

In this blog I want to be compiling things in this life that can bring happiness.

1. Live in a pretty wooden house

(to be continued….)

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